Welcome to PANE! (Formerly Performance Audio of New England, & Performance Audio of New England, Inc) PLEASE NOTE: We have never had ANY affiliation with Performance Audio of Salt Lake City, Utah.

  Established in 1990, we specialize in the repair of Eastern Acoustic Works(EAW) speaker systems, especially those that are discontinued and no longer supported by the company. This includes crossovers, cabinets, HF drivers and diaphragms, midrange and low frequency speakers, powered speaker amplifiers, & some processors. We also offer a full speaker reconing  service. We are trusted with all of EAW's reconing requirements.

  All of our Repair Technicians are former EAW employees with a combined EAW work experience of over 60 years. You can be assured of expert repairs that will return your system to optimum sound and original  specifications.

 508-234-7441 or email: paneonline@verizon.net 

Note we are a late afternoon/evening shop. Leave a detailed message and we will call you back. Better yet, send an email. Thanks!